Poem by Lawrence Graham - Allendale Co-operative Society Ltd
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Poem by Lawrence Graham

Poem by Lawrence Graham

Allendale Co-op

by Lawrence Graham


It’s been there for ever, since I was a boy
A shop that was clever when I needed a toy!

The service was good, they came to our door
And delivered us food straight from their store!

Studdon and Sinderhope where farmlands glow,
They’d lots of scope to prosper and grow!

To Sipton, Spartylea, Dirtpot and Allenheads,
The deliverys were free to all the homesteads!

When we had no cars and travelled by bus,
They were our stars and came to us!

We loved them then, we love them still
To prosper when we need their skill!

A gem in the countryside, Allendale Co-op stands bold,
With a reputation wide and a heart of gold!


Lawrence Graham was born in 1926 at White Ridge in Sparty Lea and went to St Peter’s School there. He worked on Low Swinhope Shield Farm in Sparty Lea and Black Cleugh in Carrshield before farming Peacock House in Hexhamshire and then emigrating to Australia. Now, at 90, he lives in Hexham.